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David Wiley


Endorse. Verb. To Approve Openly.

Endorsements as a Libertarian are an interesting thing. They often have a lot to do with the type of insider power trading and corruption that I am running against. Political insiders give endorsements to cronies who will back them up in political struggles. Organizations will give them to the two major parties, but they won't give them to third party candidates they agree with even more out of fear of retaliation by the parties in power. Some also represent a conflict of interest for an elected official. Organizations and individuals that cross the two party stranglehold have a strong commitment to principle.

I will not respond to requests for endorsement to organizations which benefit from public funds. Some organizations benefit from tax dollars then turn around and give endorsements and funding to the politicians who will give them more of your money. This should not be mistaken for opposition nor support of organizations. Not only will I not engage in "pay to play" but I will avoid the appearance of it as well.


Aligned with Slavic Community


Slavic Vote 2020


“Empowering the Slavic community. in the democratic process by registering, educating and activating, to resemble the culture and faith of the community.”



ACLU People Power 2020


"We strive to bring just and equitable public safety to our local communities"


News Coverage:

"Wiley, in a joint interview with the editorial board, said he supports reforms that would make it easier for builders to increase the stock of low-income housing and limit rent costs."

Everett Herald, Thursday October 1 2020

“I am not just bringing my own ideas and agenda,” he said. “I really want to listen to the people, I want to hear about their problems and their concerns.”

Everett Herald, Thursday October 13 2020

"While in the courtroom, David attests to seeing “disgusting behavior” take place. He saw egregious bias against those with non-traditional religious beliefs. attacked from one ex spouse to another so as to have greater access to the children, a father’s muslim beliefs attacked by his muslim ex wife for access to their children, and so on, simply to prey on the predjudices of the court."

Ignite Foundation

"Voting for David Wiley just might be the equivalence of taking a breath of fresh air, after walking through the smoking section of a casino. You sure will appreciate what he can do, in light of the aftermath of disappointing candidate, after disappointing candidate. Can you smell the fresh winds of change Washington?"

The Flame, October 3 2020

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