Bills and Legislation


Once upon a time legislation was written by legislators instead of lobbyists. It was a good practice I will help us get back to.


Written and approved by your Representative, not lobbyists

End Qualified Immunity

This bill will end the state practice of Qualified Immunity, a practice that protects state officers from civil lawsuit when they violate the rights of citizens.

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Defend the Guard

This bill will require the Governor to withhold or withdraw approval of the transfer of
this State’s National Guard to federal control in the absence of an explicit authorization
adopted by the Federal Government in pursuance of the powers delegated to the
Federal Government in Article I, Section 8, Clause 15 of the U.S. Constitution.

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Affordable Housing Tax Relief

This bill will establish a waiver of Washington State sales taxes on building materials and create an exception to any and all Washington state energy codes for any development projects which deliver affordable housing to the market.

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Trial by Jury

This bill will reassert the constitutional right to trial by jury. Disqualifying Judges and judgments which nullify the right to trial by Jury. This protects civil rights which have been abridged by the State of Washington.

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