Justice Reform

Our Justice System has lost its way. There is a lot of System and very little Justice.

We have serious issues of criminal violence and injustice across the state. Violent felons are let loose to prey on the public, if they’re arrested or sentenced at all. Just recently we saw a shooter at Mariner high school released the next day on $250 bail. Peaceful citizens are harassed for victimless crimes to pay fees.

Providing Justice and public protection is the most important role of government. The purpose of government isn’t to tell us how to live, but to protect us from each other. We need to get back to that. We need to return the focus to protecting the public and restoring those who have been damaged. We need to stop shielding those within the system who commit crimes or abuse the system for personal gain. We need to get back to Liberty and Justice for All

The Problem

The legislature has ignored the failure in Courts. They failed to budget rape kit testing. Violent rioters disrupt peaceful protests without arrest. Cops murder people like John T. Williams and are immune from civil lawsuit to the disgust of good cops and the general public. Prosecutors bribe court officers with no reform of the system or punishment for those who gave out bribes to kidnap kids from good parents. Judges ignore our laws and our constitutions. We have a problem of accountability to the people for actually providing Justice.

The police reform bills passed the last two years were a mess and did not do what people demanded two years ago - End Qualified Immunity. I will help to clean up the mess and do what should have been done to begin with: End the unconstitutional legal protections for all government agents who knowingly violate people's rights.