Election Reform


Hello world

“Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable."

- President John F. Kennedy

Under dictatorships, tyrannies, and other nationalist regimes societal change happens through destructive and violent societal revolution. Under Democracies and Representative Republics we have peaceful revolutions. The people have a means to peacefully overthrow their government and change society's course.

The problem is we all know the system is rigged. Third party candidates like myself have far more hurdles to obtain the same ballot access as the two duopoly parties. Many Republicans have lost confidence in how votes are counted. Many Democratic activists recognize that the system is rigged to protect and favor incumbents over their challengers with new ideas. In the end of the process most voters feel trapped not into voting for someone they like, but for "The lesser of two evils".

At the end of the day, voting for the lesser evil is still voting for evil.

Lets do better

While Washington State is in better shape than most states, we need to improve. We have more transparency in vote counting where you can volunteer to be a witness to vote counting. But what about handling and better chain of custody? It needs to be easy to audit voter rolls to avoid the ACORN voter scandals of Washington's past. I believe sunlight is the best disinfectant and there is room for improvement.

Why does the state printed voters guide give as much or more space to experience than to the platforms of the candidates? Its to favor incumbency over ideology and policy. Also, why are we still printing these miniature phone books in 2022 instead of sending people a card with the website url? Lets move this into the 21st century for better information on candidates and so we don't waste paper and tax funds.

Voting Method Reform

The most important and highest priority item to fix in our elections in the vote counting system itself which is called "First past the post". It is a broken system which only benefits incumbent "lesser evil" candidates you don't actually want to see in office. Washington State's top two primary is a slight improvement on how other states handle first past the post elections, but it is still there fundamentally to serve the status quo.

I promote not one, but two great voting systems which could replace it. Score voting and STV (Single Transferrable Vote, a form of Ranked Choice Voting). There is a big political push right now for Ranked Choice Voting (RCV), but when I talk to supporters of this they do not understand the critical difference between forms of Ranked Choice Voting. When someone is promoting RCV you need to ask them whether they want to failed system of Instant-Runoff or Single Transferrable Vote. I only support the use of STV-RCV, and I oppose the adoption of the Instant Runoff-RCV.

For multiple seat elections like State Representative or selection of electoral college delegates we should use STV. I will work to draft an acceptable bill (to Democrats and Republicans) to eliminate positions from State Representative races. All candidates should run against each other in the same race and the top two are both elected.

Support and opposition to STV is going to be cross party and difficult. Entrenched incumbents who are not favored within their own parties are going to oppose this reform. Populists, reformers and minority advocates will support it. I do not believe there is currently enough support for score voting, but I will be the voice of support. Its time to remove the "spoiler effect" from elections so that everybody can vote there conscience and the majority of us are actually voting for candidates we truly approve of.

Term Limits

There is a principle when I consider the subject of term limits. That political power should be decentralized wherever possible and reside with individuals as much as possible.

Term limits has two effects. One helpful and one harmful. It limits the choices of voters to keep good public servants and it limits the ability of unchecked politicians to amass too much government power to themselves.

For this reason I oppose term limits for Legislators and Judges who have many peers to prevent them from amassing too much power to themselves individually already. In these positions term limits are limiting the choices of voters. However, I do support term limits for any executive position such as Governor, Lt. Governor, Attorney General, Insurance Commisioner, etcera. I also believe that any such decision to create term limits needs to be voted on by the people as a constitutional amendment.