Our Economy

Washington State used to have one of the strongest economies in the Nation. For those who aren’t well connected to Olympia politicians we can only say “Used to”. I warned two years ago that lockdown would be a disastrous policy which would fail both to contain disease and would create great economic damage in the process. The largest Washington corporations with political connections were exempted, but many other beloved businesses were not given a chance to adapt and were forced to move or close shop. Now we are seeing runaway inflation and before elections in November we will see food and fuel costs rise even more putting a squeeze on the middle class and destroying the poor. Washington leads in regressive taxes and new proposals offer no relief.

Meanwhile it seems Olympia politicians think they can tax us into prosperity. Both Democrats and Republicans understand that the more you tax something, the less of that thing you get. This is why they pass “sin taxes” on alcohol, tobacco, marijuana, gasoline and other behaviors they want to discourage. So why would we ever consider taxes on income and productivity? We do not want to discourage income and productivity in Washington. Olympia should encourage more business in Washington. All taxes should be consumption taxes or services fees for government services.

We should be reforming state taxes to grow the economy, not trying to grow the government off of the economy. The more the economy grows, the more existing taxes will raise revenue. The more we increase tax rates, the less competitive Washington will look as a place to work and do business.