Abortion, Life, and Autonomy



When I ran for office in 2020 I did not disclose my opinions on abortion because it was a federal issue that was not relevant to the office I was seeking. The first thing to understand about abortion in our political culture is that it is a wedge issue. Democrats and Republicans often cynically use this issue to trick people into voting for bad candidates. For many voters Abortion is the main issue to them and they are willing to accept other horrible policies positions and corrupt politicians if their candidate aligns on this one issue.

I know it will turn many voters away, but I am not an extremist on the issue of abortion. For those Americans looking for a candidate to hate the half of Americans who fall on one side of this issue, its not me. I have been and will be an activist on the issues of bodily autonomy and the protection of innocent human life. Abortion is the intersection of these two very important issues and I believe people in good faith may come down on either side of this issue, based on when they personally believe human life begins. I want to unite society on peaceful common ground instead of creating an enemy to advocate for state force or violent against those we disagree with.

As I lay out my position I want everyone to understand that I am guided education as a biologist, a high regard for the lives of all human beings, and a high regard for bodily autonomy. I reject government force being used to tax the wealth of those who identify as Pro-Life to pay for abortions services and I reject government force being used against private medical choices. You own yourself. You own your body and you do not own anyone else’s body. We have a societal disagreement on where that line of someone’s right to their own body ends and where a child’s life begins.

A Libertarian approach

My Democrat opponent says abortion access is under attack in Washington State. I ask you, by which branch of government? By Jay Inslee’s governship? By the Washington State Courts? By our Democratic majority Senate? By our Democratic majority House? Which of their fellow Democrats is attacking abortion? Or is this an excuse to distract from their policy failures? Rampant crime and injustice, homelessness, and poverty. Those issues are my legislative focus.

  • So I will vote against expanding abortion in Washington State. While there is a grey line about when a child’s life begins, it has already begun by the third trimester and during birth.
  • I reject any unnecessary third trimester abortions, but reserve the right for Women to end their pregnancy by inducing birth.
  • I oppose abortion for purposes of Eugenics or Demographic control as it has been used in China.
  • Furthermore I reject Republican attempts to oppose access to contraceptives or define life as beginning at conception. A zygote is not a child. It can in fact become identical twins or triplets or spontaneously abort. I understand and respect that many Republicans have sincerely held religious beliefs that life does begin at conception, but the purpose of government is not to impose a set of religious beliefs.
  • I oppose violence against churches, synagogues and abortion clinics. The initiation of violence is wrong.
  • I support restoring full jury hearing rights before any extradition to another state. Also, juries should be informed of the time honored abolitionist tradition of jury nullification.
  • I support equal parental rights without distinction of man or woman. Laws should be gender neutral and not sexist. That is both genders should have equal legal rights to choose not to be a parent and responsibily begins with having a choice.
  • I find abhorrent current case law which grants parental rights to rapists or that requires rape victims to pay child support and I will fight in the legislature to end these judicial practices.

I support

  • I support article 5 conventions of the states for any purpose on which the states can find common ground to amend the constitution.
  • I support amending article 1 of the state constitution to add a right to bodily autonomy. I oppose Jay Inslee's adding a limited plank for just “abortion”. Current Supreme Court precedent from Buck v. Bell (1927) allowed courts to forcibly sterilize and end pregnancies of the disabled and particularly of native americans.

Where is the end?

The abortion debate has raged my entire life and shows no signs of coming to resolution.

To those who are Pro-Life, would you trade abortion being illegal if prohibition backfires and abortions become even more common? or would it be better if abortions were legal, but exceedingly rare?

To those who are Pro-Choice, would you be okay if abortion was completely legal but whether you could be pregnant was decided by the government? This has already happened in the USA and could happen again.

I propose instead we work towards preventing unwanted pregenancies instead of terminating them and make sure the government does not interfere in (and isn't even aware of) any of our private medical choices.