My Legistlative Agenda

Justice Reform

My First priority is fixing our broken Justice system.

Housing Crisis

We don't have to live with homelessness, poverty rents, and out of control property taxes.


Politicians in Olympia are so obsessed with government budgets that they have forgotten that Washingtonians' kitchen table budgets is what matters most.

Election Reform

I will introduce bills to better reform our election system to better represent ALL the people of Washington. The Majority AND Minorities. Coming soon.

Other Issues


People spoke and I listened. I have a different angle to address about guns and public safety.

Abortion and Bodily Autonomy

A Libertarian approach to an old societal conflict.

Mandates and Emergency Powers

     Short and simple - I am opposed to all mandates. Government's role is to protect us from each other, not to tell us how to live.

     Emergency powers - they should never last longer than six months without being voted on again by the house and senate.

What other Washington State issues would you like me to address?

If you have a community group you would like me to speak to or additional issues to talk about please contact me.